What lies in our heart

Global Challenge

On 26 February 2010 the leadership team wrote the following letter to our community:

Dear Friends,

This comes as an honest letter to you after our leadership team gathered and prayed.

As the Lord Jesus is using and growing us to become true servant-leaders in Jeffrey Bay, we want to remind you of what lies at the core of who we are:

  • As leaders, we, and all of our community, must commit to God in raw obedience.
  • We must be a people of active faith – stretching our Christ-like faith to do impossible things.
  • Our inward journey in our relationship with Jesus precedes all we do.
  • We will discipline ourselves to seek God, spending time with Him and celebrating Him.
  • We will keep the element of pioneering and faith in our core values with all our endeavours.
  • We believe that unity and family is central to who we are as His people.
  • We will focus on equipping and mobilizing leaders.
  • We desire to share the Good News of Christ in our personal spheres.
  • We will ensure that Global Challenge stretches its community to fully rely on God and not our insight and resources.
  • We are called to disciple and mobilize the leaders and missionaries of the future.
  • We won’t forget to keep the fun and adventure alive in all we do!

In three words, we are a people of:   Dedication. Innovation. Declaration.

We love Jesus.  We obey Jesus.  We share Jesus.

Forever, for the Kingdom!

  • Angelo Petersen
    As a team member of Work Your Way I got the opportunity to discover God in a whole new way. My life has been transformed! From growing up in a township, I have been discipled and trained and I am now running a Screen printing shop.
    Angelo Petersen - BrandON Screen Printing
  • Anthony Jacobs
    I did not give up a family business to make a statement. I did it because of a sense of destiny I could not ignore. I want my life to be meaningful in a different Kingdom. From our first pioneering journey until now, I fully believe in who we are and who we will become.

    Anthony Jacobs:  Pioneer, Builder, Leader
  • Cornelius Chapewa
    Global Challenge has stirred up a passion in me to aim for the impossible. In the year I did Explore Africa, I was able to be in Niger and respond by raising R120 000.00 for a hunger relief program. It stretched my leadership and I will never be the same again..
    Cornelius Chapewa - Leadership Experience
  • Jacobus Scott
    After my two years of travel, the invitation to come and design a school sounded at first way over my head. Today, as we see the dream realizing before our eyes, I can look back to the most beautiful years of my life. I have learned to become a person of faith.

    Jacobus Scott:  Architect and Church Leader
  • Francois and Anita
    It is rare to have a creative space to constantly initiate new things!  For us, the dream of a coffee shop was only possible because of people cheering us on and believing in the difference we could make. 
    Francois and Anita Labuschagne:  Pioneers of Global Junction and Tree-Tops
  • Marietjie McFarlane
    What an immense privilege to be a part of God’s plan for generations of children to come. It has been one of the most exciting periods of my life to see young people develop and grow with committed and dedicated teachers that love them.

    Marietjie McFarlane - Principal of Global Leadership Academy
  • Kagiso Sebetso
    Global Challenge becomes part of you just as you become part of Global Challenge. The deep friendships, the common love and dedication to Jesus and the innovative space available to live out God’s calling has changed me.
    Kagiso Sebetso – Expedition Leader
  • Willem Taute
    Global gave me the freedom to live out my calling of serving society by creating spiritual communities!

    Willem Taute – Leader of House Church Movement
  • Paul and Clara
    Our lives are committed to God and the Global Challenge community as a lifestyle. I traded a lecture position to be a teacher at the Global Leadership Academy, because the passion of influencing young people in creative ways drives me. My wife, Clara leads the training of the Expeditions and was part of the birth of this movement.
    Paul du Plessis: Teacher at Global Leadership Academy
    Clara du Plessis: Expeditions Leader
  • Stefan and Estee
    We never lacked anything!  Even at times when I compared my global salary to what I earned earlier, the maths would not work out and we stand in awe of the ability of God to provide. To live in a sacrificial, loving community is rare and special. What a privilege!    

    Stefan and Estee Kleyn:  Leaders in the movement